Forgiveness| Benefits of Forgiving

We can not live an aligned happy life if we are carrying anger and resentment in our hearts for others. Forgiveness is about letting go of resistance, letting go of the negative energy that is holding us back from living our life to its full potential.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting and it definitely does not mean condoning the behavior which caused you that hurt, it is a choice that you deliberately make, to free yourself of mind imprisonment that you have got yourself in. Every time we think of the resentful thoughts that cause us pain and suffering we give away our power to the ones who inflicted those wounds.

Forgiveness is withdrawing attention from the thing that’s keeping you out of the Vortex(What you Desire)”. – Abraham Hicks

Here are 8 Reasons Why it is Important to Forgive

1. Stop Living in the Past

It’s an utter wastage of time and energy to hold someone/something in your thoughts which does not make you feel good. It just does not let you move in the direction you want to head in and causes a constant pull in the opposite direction. You could be using the same time to create a life you have always dreamed off and fully embrace your future.

Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness. – Marianne Williamson

    2. Forgiveness is for Yourself

    Forgiveness is meant more for yourself than the person you are forgiving. It is for your own peace of mind. People you are mad at are carrying on with their life as usual while you carry the burden of holding them in your thoughts constantly. You are the one who benefits the most from your forgiveness. Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything by Iyanla Vanzant is a book I would highly recommend which talks about how we can liberate ourselves from the wounds of the past and embrace the new power of forgiveness.

    3. Not forgiving causes health issues

    “Forgiveness isn’t just practiced by saints or martyrs, nor does it benefit only its recipients. Instead, studies are finding connections between forgiveness and physical, mental, and spiritual health, and evidence that it plays a key role in the health of families, communities, and nations.” says Everett L. Worthington Jr., PhD, a psychology professor and author who has dedicated most part of his life to the study of forgiveness.

    Carrying hatred, anger and resentment over a period can lead to all kinds of health problems and worsen the preexisting conditions. To name a few.

    • Depression
    • anxiety
    • self-loathing
    • stress
    • lack of self-esteem
    • heart problems
    • blood pressure issues.

    4. Forgiveness is Love

    There are many who think forgiveness is a sign of weakness. But nothing can be further from the truth. It is the highest and most beautiful form of love. It takes a person of strong character to forgive. You acknowledge the hurt someone caused and you still choose to forgive them and that takes a lot of strength.

    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. -Mahatma Gandhi

    5. Free Yourself

    Once you have forgiven you have made peace with the pain, and you are ready to let it go. It frees you from the trapped jail cell of anger, bitterness and hatred and gives you the opportunity to move on with your life.

    6. Forgiveness and Healing

    Your healing process only begins once you have forgiven and removed the anger and resentment from your heart. It will bring an amazing sense of wholeness and peace. Meditation works great in forgiving yourself and others. Here’s a FREE tool that I’ve used.

    7. Develop Compassion

    Forgiveness releases you from the victim mentality. You start developing compassion for yourself and others which leads you on a path to healthy relationships.

    8. Forgiveness brings Hope

    It gives you the ability to restore faith in yourself and enhance your self-esteem and give you hope.

      “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies”. Martin Luther King, Jr.

      We cannot change the past, but forgiveness leads us to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It helps us to be joyous and hopeful once again.

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      1. Forgiveness is a powerful thing to do. And I think you have said it all. It is first for myself, I need to forgive to go forth in my life. When I don’t forgive it is hurting me more than anyone else, I am the one still thinking about the harm done unto me. And that is already a source of illness for me. So, I need to forgive to free myself and continue living a healthy life.

        Forgiving is hard, because when we are a victim of a wrong, our first reaction is vengeance, we want the other person to feel pain too. But, what we don’t always realize is that we are not the one to exercise vengeance. God knows and sees everything in His time, He will avenge us.

        Let forgive and continue living with hope that everything will be just fine. Forgiveness brings only positive things in our lives.

        Thanks for sharing.

        1. Hey Adyns68,

          “Source of illness “, that is spot on!!  Clinging on to the resentment and anger is definitely a path that leads to physical and mental illness. I agree, forgiveness is hard initially but it’s like a muscle, the more you train the stronger and better you get at it.  

          If you consciously carry on with that practice, you come to a stage where you just understand others and yourself in a different light. So then you don’t even have to forgive anything.

          Sending much love


      2. Thanks for your article about forgiveness, it definitely renewed me and my soul. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet made forgiving myself and others a habit and so I still bear the burdens I have internally. I realized it’s actually hard to do in the beginning, especially when I’m surrounded with people full of pride.

        But I like your number 2 point: “Forgiveness is for yourself” since this advice is the one that resonated with me. It’s like being able to take full control by letting go of the past and moving on to do better things in life. And I cannot do that if I can’t forgive others and myself.

        Often, when I come across negative situations that deal a huge blow in my feelings, I used to fight back by stoking anger or any form of negative emotion. I realized just then that it’s a recipe for disaster. Now that you reminded me of the simple word ‘forgiveness’, I’ll make sure to use it from now on (and habitually). Wish me all the best!

        1. Dear Dominic,

          I’m very glad that the post resonated with you. Thank you for being so transparent in discussing your feelings. I can assure you that most of us at some stage have felt them. You being aware of them is the most important step that you have already taken.

          One realisation that really helped me in my own journey was to understand the people that I needed to forgive. Think of it in this way, when a kid makes a mistake we don’t have to forgive them, we just understand them. When I did that, I could comprehend why they did what they did, it made it so much easier for me to go through the forgiving process. 

          Now this works the same when it comes to forgiving ourselves. We did the best we could with the knowledge we had at that particular moment and the very fact that now we think it was wrong indicates to us that we have evolved. 

          I’m sending you a big hug and lots of love.

          Kind Regards


      3. Hey, this is a really nice article! beautifully summed up and I can only confirm from my own experience. Forgiveness means great relief, a clean shield and the ability to concentrate fully on the things to come … if you are angry with someone, it is especially you who is experiencing these negative emotions … it will never bring anything positive to anyone. It’s easy when it comes down this way, it’s worse to do it because of grievance, etc., but it is possible!

        1. Hi Michael,

          I really appreciate you taking the time to leave this beautiful comment. I agree, holding resentment and anger towards others does not bring any positivity. On the contrary it keeps you from living a fulfilled happy life. If carried for too long it can even transmute into physical ailments and mental breakdown. 

          Sending you good vibes my friend.

          Kind Regards


      4. For those who cannot forgive, they damage themselves more than they could possibly damage the object of their anger. Fortunately, I learned this at a young age, and I have been working ever since to maintain the ability to forgive.

        It can be difficult, at times it seems impossible, but with the correct mindset, it can be done.

        Thank you for this insight,

        Gwendolyn J

      5. For those who cannot forgive, they damage themselves more than they could possibly damage the object of their anger. Fortunately, I learned this at a young age, and I have been working ever since to maintain the ability to forgive.

        It can be difficult, at times it seems impossible, but with the correct mindset, it can be done.

        Thank you for this insight,

        Gwendolyn J

        1. Dear Gwendolyn J,

          Thanx for your beautiful comment. It’s great that you could understand the concept of forgiveness at an early stage. It took a while for me to get my head around it and was only a few years ago that I completely got it when I was challenged to put it into practice. 

          I totally understand, it’s not easy and definitely felt like a struggle for me as well, but at the end of forgiving each and every individual I felt like a new person. What an amazing feeling!!!

          Sending good vibes my friend.

          Kind Regards


      6. Good Morning Harry,

        On your About Us page, I read Hello Beautiful Soul, that is a very nice welcome to your site. Thank you for the lots of Love and good vibes.

        Lovely post on Forgiveness. Anger and resentment are stones tied to your legs, you will not be able to advance. To forgive is not always easy but it will be a huge relief.

        Being full of hatred will affect your health and your body, mind, and spirit will be completely out of balance.

        Thank you for the 3 Free Downloads.

        Regards, Taetske

        1. Dear Taetske,

          Good morning. I’m glad you noticed the welcome, thank you.

          I love your words “Anger and resentment are stones tied to your legs”, what an amazing analogy. So true, they just keep on dragging us out of alignment and that resistance keeps us away from all the abundance we have access to.

          Those downloads are really good. I start my mornings with them, hope you enjoy them too.

          We have a very loving community at , please feel free to join the family and share love, compassion and kindness for others.

          Sending much love.


      7. This is an excellent philosophy. Full of valid truisms I’d submit. I’m of a belief system that teaches that if you don’t forgive others the creation source (God, universe ect…pick your word) will not forgive YOU. Pray or meditate for those people instead of holding hateful grudges, resentment and such. Just don’t give them the opportunity to continue their trespasses. 

        I also believe it is important to love your enemies. Although, there is a time where you may have to stand up and defend yourself against certain enemies. I heard an interesting quote from a radio personality that really resonated with me: “there are a lot of people that I don’t like but I love everybody.” Of course, having that kind of universal love for all humanity requires loving yourself first and foremost before that is possible. Love and forgiveness are essential to sound inner sanctity and overall well-being. Just my 2 cents.  On that note, thanks for this great post!

        Blessings with gratitude, Brad

        1. Dear Brad,

          I love what you said “source (God, universe ect…pick your word)”.  Recognising the fact that we all follow different belief systems and address the source by different names is a beautiful thing.

          You’ve made some very valid points. I believe when someone does something to hurt us, we have to forgive them but we don’t necessarily have to continue the relationship. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said ““How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” So letting people of the hook and moving on is the best thing we can do for both parties.

          Sending good vibes my friend.



      8. This post is quite beautiful and what an incredible message.  I was blessed to have a mother who taught me and my siblings forgiveness.  I had some awful things done to me and in turn I’ve done my share of stupidity.  Yet forgiving what was done to me, and though not forgetting the situation, made me feel a release of stress that would build up inside me if I continued to hold onto it.  It can be difficult when there are things that are done to us that actually scar us.  The wounds can be so deep and the hurt so bad, we can find ourselves lost in it.  Yet when we let ourselves release that pain and by forgiving the ones who wronged us, we can finally feel freedom from that darkness that tries to hold us.  Your post and suggestions are very helpful advice and what you write here is very healing.


        1. Dear Robert,

          What an incredible blessing to have a mother who can teach her kids such great values. I can understand the hurt those incidents would have caused and I respect you for still approaching it with the compassion and kindness you did. 

          I am so glad you made that courageous decision to let go, can only imagine what a different world you would have created if you had not forgiven. Thank so much for sharing your experience and wisdom here. Much love my friend 🙂

          Kind Regards


      9. Hi Harry

        Forgiveness is such a powerful event. And your article makes for a really good summary of benefits, to yourself and those forgiven. 

        I know that when I realize that being angry at someone and letting it go, emotionally I’ve released that source of stress. I feel better, I sleep better and I pray better (usually adding a prayer statement FOR them too). Very cathartic.

        In his greatest time of stress, Christ forgave the Romans and instigators for his crucifixion. If that’s not an act of true love, nothing is. The Dali Lama is also known for some profound statements on true love and forgiveness.

        Any advice on getting others to forgive you…not for your sake, but for theirs? I would think saying, “I forgive you” would probably aggravate the issue.

        Thanks for the article.


        1. Hi Dave, 

          Thanks for your beautiful comment. I can totally resonate with your words. Letting someone off the hook and that weight off your chest, what an amazing feeling!!! Praying for someone you are forgiving is another expression of unconditional love, admire your beautiful way of thinking my friend. 

          In regards to advice on getting others to forgive you.. I would firstly contact them, preferably in person and genuinely apologise for hurting their feelings in anyway. It is totally up to them to forgive me or not after that. I’ll forgive myself and wouldn’t carry it on my mind anymore. 

          I believe we have all done things in the past which we are not proud of, but we did the best with the knowledge we had at that particular moment. We have to understand that, move on and keep evolving. Sending much love my friend 🙂

          Kind Regards,


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