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Hello Beautiful Soul, welcome to Soul Muzings.


Having gone through some rough times in my life, I started on a life long journey of finding answers to the big questions in Life. On my quest I realized we humans have got it all wrong. We are looking for happiness and satisfaction in all the wrong places. We are living very conditional lives.

Most of the humanity has failed to understand the laws of the universe and as a result have made our existence extremely complicated when in reality it should not be.

Through Soul Muzings I want to share some life transforming ideas and help you take charge of your life and make this physical experience a blissful one.


There’s a shift taking place in the human consciousness right now and these videos/audios are going to be a reflection of that. They are designed to provide a better understanding of the human emotions so you can live a life of deliberate creation.

Our goal is to spread ideas which are inspiring, loving and thought-provoking so people can follow their bliss and experience more of the happiness and contentment on this journey called life.

We hope you enjoy the videos, and if you do please subscribe and share. Also, come and join our beautiful loving community on Instagram. Sending you all lots of love and good vibes.

All the best,

Harry Cheema


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